Sure-Fire Sales Tactics I learned from Mr. Popeil

Samuel Popeil was one of the major trendsetters of American salesmanship. He sold products that American didn’t know about, and didn’t know they needed. Better still, he did it in such a way that customers flocked to find his newest products. Lets look at his methods, and see how many of these you use!

  1. Sales booths should be situated near makeup aisles or women’s restrooms to ensure a receptive— and captive— audience.
  2. Get one or two people to stop and listen. That will pique the curiosity and interest of others passing by.
  3. Tout the product’s indispensability. Show how the product is a value because it performs multiple tasks. Memorize the spoken part of the pitch so you an deliver it flawlessly while you demonstrate the product. That will show everyone how easy it is to use.
  4. Describe the product’s usefulness repeatedly, using words like “magic”, “fantastic” and “miracle”. Ask rhetorical questions like “isn’t that amazing?” when you demonstrate the product.
  5. Never reveal the price until the end of the pitch. This builds suspense. Say to your audience, “you’re probably asking yourself what a product like this costs.” Then, give them a high, round number, like $40. Then say that the product is well worth that price, but right now, its much cheaper. Progressively move the price down: it’s not $10, it’s not $5. Its the low, low price of $3.98! to encourage an immediate purchase, tell the crowd that “supplies are limited.”
  6. But wait, there’s more! Before allowing anyone to purchase it, suddenly introduce and demonstrate a smaller product, noting its “retail” value. Give it away for free with their purchase.

These ideas work, and they sell. Do you use these products? let us know if you have others to offer!

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