International Minute Press in RTP – our newest Print Vendor | Dockery Design Vendor Highlight 5

Dockery Design Tries out International Minute Press in RTP

Dockery Design Tries out International Minute Press in RTP

Our latest project: A set of perforated tickets for a local church. Not only did RTP International Minute Press make sure our work was done correctly and in a fast manner, but the fine folks over at their location made a few suggestions to keep our pricing low.

If you are in the North Carolina area, I highly suggest you contact RTP International Minute Press to quote your next print job. When I picked up my work at 8:30 in the morning, I was greeted by a smiling, bright eyed staff member – Jen Baker – Who proofed my work, showed me samples, and even waved on my way out.

While over the years I’m sure I’ve had quite a few hand-related things presented to me as I was leaving an establishment– I’m always pleased to see when its a wave.

Visit their online store at or by clicking the graphic above!

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