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Let’s face it, everyone loves their hosting. If you don’t, sounds like its time to switch things up. My hosting solution began with who was summarily bought out by and now resides in – The Small Business Authority.

These guys are simply fantastic! They have fast chat support, as well as tech support where you can actually speak with a human in less than 3 minutes of wait time. That is simply unheard of from previous hosting providers I’ve dealt with. But the thing that really makes me pleased, is how well their support works with you.

In the past, they’ve clued me in to better plans, cheaper versions of my current plans, and easy walkthroughs on how to solve issues with my files.

Today, I got a reminder message that I had an overage in my disk space. When I called up their tech service to resolve the issue, their support tech listened to my problems, checked his database of emails sent, and even roved over my personal site to discover any potential flaws. When I pointed out pages that were hard to get to (type-in URLs only)- he perused those as well.

When we could not find a solution, he ran a script to calculate my folders by size. SURPRISE! An errant backup folder had swelled to the size of 350mb over the course of the year. Ridiculous! The tech pointed this out, and told me how to verify the size, and also how to make adjustments to my wordpress dashboard to stop this issue from happening again! To top it off, he asked me how many backups to keep and deleted the offending files which remained, dropping my hard drive usage by over 300mb!

I am really, really pleased with the service they provide. Some might not wonder why I’ve stayed with them for 3+ years. Truth is, in this world, people changes their hosts at the drop of a hat. But when I get a service that I enjoy, I stick with it. Sure, most people complain about what they hate, but I love to give credit where credit is due. hosting, you’re my hero!