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sporting the new hairdo

sporting the new hairdo

Since I’m still fighting a battle with Lymphoma (a white blood cell cancer like leukemia), I changed my hairstyle. Since your hair falling out might be a real drag, I decided I’d have a little fun with it and shave a mohawk with arrowheads at both ends into my head. My students think its a great addition to the classroom experience, and its vaguely rockin’.

To commemorate the experience, I have created this self-portrait. Hope you all enjoy.

Fantastic Web Hosting! , ,

Let’s face it, everyone loves their hosting. If you don’t, sounds like its time to switch things up. My hosting solution began with who was summarily bought out by and now resides in – The Small Business Authority.

These guys are simply fantastic! They have fast chat support, as well as tech support where you can actually speak with a human in less than 3 minutes of wait time. That is simply unheard of from previous hosting providers I’ve dealt with. But the thing that really makes me pleased, is how well their support works with you.

In the past, they’ve clued me in to better plans, cheaper versions of my current plans, and easy walkthroughs on how to solve issues with my files.

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Meet the BiPolar Chick

Today, Tyler Dockery met with Deb Johnson, the owner of

Deb gave us a quick rundown and also clued us in to the vibe of the bipolar chick community and the chic nature of bipolar disorder. Not to be confused with

We’ll learn more about this in time.

Inbound Marketing Training in North Carolina

Release date: 7-23-2011

Tyler Dockery, President of Dockery Design, North Carolina was recognized today by IMU as a Certified Inbound Marketing Professional, with additional Honors Distinction. Inbound marketing is an essential part of a successful business model for most growing and medium-to-large-scale businesses.

“Through 16 hours of instructor-led training and dialogue, I found the essentials of inbound marketing to be enlightening. True, some of it includes common-sense approaches, but the classes outline solid working strategies and a level of detail that can be understood and followed. The additional 2 hours  of reviews and self-study were a great way to be prepared.

“IMU’s ability to allow you to study anytime, anywhere— with presentations, videos, and references made this training an extremely welcome addition to my business. As a collegiate teacher, this is the kind of professional development that my co-workers could really sink their teeth into.”

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Tyler Dockery Accepted into the IMU

On Wednesday, May 18th, Tyler Dockery— Creative Lead at Dockery Design was formally accepted into the IMU. IMU, the Inbound Marketing University, is an online teaching body that creates educational opportunities for marketers, web designers, and social media experts. IMU graduates move on to create high-powered talks, marketing papers, and educational materials including book— as well as working in B2B and B2C companies on a professional and enterprise level.

“The IMU certificate program is a great opportunity for those hoping to get a leg up in the modern world of marketing. The Inbound Marketing University certificate requires 16 weeks of full commitment, but I think that the benefit it can bring to my clients, staff, and students is well worth the effort.” notes Tyler Dockery. “To stay at the top of your game, you need research, education, and new clients who are really looking to push your skills and abilities. What better way to research and educate myself than take this 16 week course and couple it with my knowledge of web design and SEO?”

The Inbound Marketing University Certificate is a 16 week program for marketing professionals and social media experts. A hand-picked portion of successful IMU certificate holders move on to become IMU educators, providing valuable resources in the ever-changing world of web marketing.

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Sure-Fire Sales Tactics I learned from Mr. Popeil

Samuel Popeil was one of the major trendsetters of American salesmanship. He sold products that American didn’t know about, and didn’t know they needed. Better still, he did it in such a way that customers flocked to find his newest products. Lets look at his methods, and see how many of these you use!

Sales booths

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Raleigh Ninja – Tyler Dockery is a Ninja | Dockery Design in Raleigh

Are you a ninja in Raleigh? Tyler Dockery is. Tyler Dockery is a Ninja. Did you ever wonder why you can never seem to find a ninja in raleigh when you need one?  It is because ninjas are hard to find. Camoflage, son!

International Minute Press in RTP - our newest Print Vendor | Dockery Design Vendor Highlight

Dockery Design Tries out International Minute Press in RTP

Our latest project: A set of perforated tickets for a local church. Not only did RTP International Minute Press make sure our work was done correctly and in a fast manner, but the fine folks over at their location made a few suggestions to keep our

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Small Business SEO | SEO BASIC TIPS | Tyler Dockery and DOCKERY DESIGN


In recent research, intensive search engine rank testing on the subject of title tags, results were relatively clear. If you are trying to rank for a very competitive term,

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Tyler Dockery is a Ninja

Tyler Dockery is a real life ninja. I will punch unicorns and protect people from bears because I am a ninja